Does a telephonic interview need etiquette’s?

With an increase in competition, recruiters have a hard time choosing the right candidate. So when they find a potential candidate, they arrange a telephonic interview with the person. This is faster and time saving, as compared to a regular interview, and gives them a good preview on the interviewee’s state of mind and thought process. This lets them weed out the unsuitable ones before the actual interview. For those of you looking for a job, don’t worry. Here are a couple of things that will help you in your preparations for your telephonic interview.




When you’re looking for a job, you might come across instances when an interviewer calls you unexpectedly. During those cases, always reschedule. Never jump to attend any unexpected interview for you will not be able to give your best.

This is extremely important. When you answer your call, don’t forget your common courtesies. Treat this like a regular interview and always greet your interviewer with a neutral yet cheerful voice. And once the interview is done, don’t forget to thank them for their time. Also, make sure that you show utmost professionalism in your language. Be polite and use crisp English. You cannot impress your interviewer with your personality as they cannot see you, hence you need to portray yourself as a professional.

Always keep a copy of your resume and other documents ready at hand. You never know when you might have to refer to them. Since your interviewer cannot see you, you might feel the temptation to refer to your resume, please avoid that. You don’t want your interviewer to think that you aren’t interested in the interview or aren’t paying attention to him/her. Also, keep a notepad ready, in case you need to jot something down. Don’t forget to check your pens once before.

Make it a point to prepare all the basic FAQs asked during an interview. Rehearse them properly and be ready to justify your experience and your skills well. Keep a note on the most commonly asked questions like “Tell me something about yourself,” “What are your strengths and weaknesses,” etc. Know your 5 year goals and be ready with all their answers.

Make sure that you give to-the-point clear answers. Nobody has the patience to listen to long answers, so make sure that your answers are crisp and well thought out. Your tone should be neutral. And most importantly, remember to listen. Try to understand exactly what the recruiter is saying and then reply once you’re clear. Otherwise, apologize and ask him/her to repeat the question. When they’re speaking, please do not interrupt. You must give them the chance to complete their question, else it would annoy them and thus, create a bad impression.

The environment you take the call in must be noise free. During a telephonic interview, it’s always best if you’re alone in the room. This would help you focus better. If there are unnecessary noises in the background, the recruiter might have some difficulty talking to you. Hence, a good call-friendly environment is very important.

Yes, the interviewer can’t see you, but a good posture enables clarity in your speech. If you slouch, you sound dull, so keep your back straight and speak clearly. Make sure you’re sitting properly on a chair and have a table in front of you. This way if you want to take down any notes, you can do so without interrupting the interview. Have a glass of water ready nearby in case your throat dries up.

Your phone should be fully charged before the interview. Also, keep a power bank ready, in case your mobile battery goes down. Try using earphones as they give freedom to your hands to note down things if necessary. You’d be more comfortable with an earphone as opposed to holding a phone by your ear during the entire interview.

A telephonic interview isn’t that different from a regular interview. When looking for a job, you’ll come across many such interviews.

So, follow this guide and always be prepared.

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