Recruitment agencies vs. Job portals

Fresh out of college, you’re ready to work in your dream company; or, you are a working professional looking for growth with another organization. First step, you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the change and then you arm yourself with the best possible resume you could conjure up along with glowing recommendations in all the necessary job portals before beginning the hunt.

Next step, you ransack portals day in and day out for a break in your desired stream. Customizing cover letters and devising follow ups become second nature to you. You know every company’s tagline and vision by heart and can even give a monologue about why you are perfect for the company at the drop of a hat. But how many of your attempts actually hit the jackpot? Is your voice lost among the hundreds and thousands of applicants trying out for the same position? By going solo and digital in your search, have you given complete control of your career over to the Internet?

Let’s find out!

The Game of Portals

MRI Game of Portals

Job portals aren’t that different from social media. They are basically a database of resumes, jobs, and recruiters. Job seekers upload resumes and create profiles containing the necessary skills that act as keywords and apply to different opportunities available. Recruiters search profiles containing a particular set of keywords and shortlists those who meet their requirements. Frequently updating resumes would bring your CV on top of their list, much like in facebook where sharing, liking, or commenting on a post puts your activity on your friend’s Newsfeed. Seems pretty straightforward. But what if you’re a fresher and don’t really possess the required skills or experience. Say your stream is in the manufacturing industry and you don’t really have the experience or skills the industry is looking for? Or if you are new to UAE and do not know much . What then? You might have what it takes to make it, but you just might never get that chance.

Now, consider another scenario. Say you’re already an engineer but want to enter the media game. You might’ve always had a creative side to you and might even be a natural. You want to pursue a career in your dream field, but would you get a fair chance? You might be a natural, but if written off too soon due to a lack of skill sets and relevant experience, your chances of hitting the goal might be slim.

There is another concern that has seen a rise lately­—fake job descriptions. This proves to be a major fallback for job portals where an innocent job seeker ends up sharing his resume, identity, and other data, resulting in data theft. The malicious people behind this would use this data to commit illicit activities, which would put the job seeker’s life and reputation in danger. This is one of the top concerns faced by many today. So what should we do?

Enter – Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are companies that focus solely on recruitment. They act as the middle man between an employer and an employee. They comprise of a team of HRs who, apart from relying on job portals, look for candidates in social media sites as well. Once they find a candidate, they conduct interviews with them to understand the candidate’s state of mind, inclination to the chosen stream, qualifications, goals and aspirations in life. Once they’re convinced of your intentions, they add you to their database. After that, they arrange for the required tests and interviews with the employer. And since they have a thorough knowledge about the hiring company, they might be able to provide inside info to the candidates, which might help him/her in cracking the interview. By choosing recruitment agencies as your main source for job hunting, you leave the job searching in the hands of experts who have thorough knowledge of the companies that are actually looking to hire, but haven’t made it public. Some agencies even groom applicants before arranging the tests and interviews. Extremely helpful if you’re new to the game.

There are cons to everything.  So always resort to reputed recruitment partner/agency so that you have a clear idea about the salary and the hike you deserve.

Final Verdict

Job portals and recruitment agencies both have their pros and cons. Our advice, go for both. Completely relying on one and ignoring the other might result in lower hits. Take advantage of both the modes of hunting and crack this daunting phase in your career.