Retained/Executive Search

This search plan is for critical to business cases which are sensitive, complex and where confidentiality is paramount. An exhaustive and calibrated search strategy is put in place for these mandates with dedicated resource (s) and time assigned.

A unique proposition of ours in this service offering is that we are perhaps one of the only firms in the region to bring a measure of accountability in our terms of engagement where a fair amount of our search fee is at stake until three months after the candidate has been placed. We receive this amount only if the client is satisfied with the candidate’s performance.

This measure of accountability is a reflection of how we put our skin in the game. We win only when the client wins. We have collected our ‘Performance Retainer’ in 93% cases. These searches are our top priorities. Roughly 30% of our searches tend to fall in this category.

Contingent Search

These are generally searches which may not be exclusive and where a commercial arrangement is due only on the successful placement of a candidate. While the commitment from both parties in non-exclusive searches is lower that retained searches, MRI Worldwide’s focus remains steadfast in presenting quality and Impact Player candidates. Despite the nature of these kind of searches, MRI Worldwide has the privilege of being the first port of call for many of its clients on these mandates. Roughly 60% of our searches tend to fall in this category.

Project Recruitment

These searches could be an outcome from the result of an M&A, launch of a new business line / product, geographical expansion, time-specific need, etc. Whether you are looking to hire a single individual or in several 10s, our effective search process and presence across the world will give you access to talent that arrives faster, fits better and stays longer. Roughly 10% of our searches fall in this category.

Market Mapping

Having the pride and advantage of covering the region for the last 2 decades, our team has built and kept up-to-date a rich database of key and differentiating data points on individuals across industries, functions and levels. This product offering provides clients with a snapshot understanding of the talent landscape and would help answer questions on what skill sets may be required, what kind of compensations and benefits may need to be offered, what kind of experience may be needed, etc.

Reference Checks

While this is a standard offering on all our search mandates, we also offer this as a standalone service. When entrusting a new individual with your business, sales, finances, data, etc it is prudent to take a 360 degree view on the individual before bringing them on board. Enough research has been done to show that the cost of a mis-hire can be anywhere from 5 to 8 times of the salary of the individual. Confidential reference checks can at times unearth critical data points which could prove vital in the hiring decision process.


A service funded by existing employers for members of their team who have been or will be laid off. This service allows recipients to gain practical advice while reentering the job search market.

‘Interim’ Talent & Management

A workforce solution in which the resource is employed by MRI and placed on assignment with our client company. This service provides greater flexibility to the client by allowing them to use the resource as needed without being responsible for visa, payroll, benefits, unemployment etc