MRI Worldwide FZ LLC was established in Dubai in 2001 to serve clients in the GCC and Africa regions. The office currently consists of a team of industry specialists working in vertically defined market sectors including Banking, Retail and Luxury Retail, Financial Services, FMCG, Technology & Telecom, Construction, Healthcare, Industrial, Local Diversified Groups.

As part of MRI Network™, MRI Worldwide is affiliated with one of the world’s largest recruitment organizations with more than 200 offices worldwide. Our Accelerated Recruitment™ approach brings together the right combination of scale, expertise, and methodology to match each client’s specific needs.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to identifying and placing Impact Players with clients that desire them. We are committed to a strong relationship-driven approach that combines best-in-class recruiting practices and continuous training to provide an exceptional level of service to every client and candidate.


  • Integrity
  • Rapport
  • Resourcefulness
  • Discernment
    MRI Worldwide is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Philosophy

Over the years, we have strived hard to distinguish ourselves within the space of executive recruitment in Dubai. We have achieved this by keeping the nucleus of our approach to consist of four elements – stability, sustainability, impact and thrive.

We follow a proactive style of constantly carrying out industry mappings in our areas of specialisation, thereby building our market intelligence and pool of potential candidates. Our philosophy is reflected in the quality of talent we have placed over the years. Several hundreds of our candidates are today in their 7th to 12th year of employment where we placed them and have seen consistent / steady growth over these years. They have been Impact Players, adding considerable quantitative and qualitative value to their organizations and leaving behind legacies.

Majority of our candidates spend more than 3-4 years at the respective institutions where we place them before moving on to other things. Clients recognize this aspect of our commitment and hence, MRI Worldwide is the beneficiary of long lasting, mutually constructive and thriving client and candidate partnerships. One reason for this longevity is the fact that we pay a great deal of attention to the cultural and DNA fit between institution and individual. Statistics show that the higher this fitment, the more likelihood is the success and sustenance of the institution ~ individual marriage.

At the end of the day, closing a position is our job and we do it well; however, our sense of fulfillment comes when we are able to take individuals at least one step closer to their eventual goals & when clients recognize the reliable contributions by our candidates towards their vision and mission over a sustained period of time.